Lough Road Yoga


Lough Road Yoga Terms and Conditions

Please read these before signing up for a course or class at the studio. 

Please give as much notice as possible when you can’t make a class.  24 hours notice if possible, 4 hours at the least.

Inform the teacher of any injuries or conditions before class, or of any changes.

Female Students: If you think you may be pregnant, please inform the teacher.

All classes should be paid for up front, either for a block or pay as you go. I take bank transfer or paypal and I have an online booking system.  To book a class, please use one of these methods.

Other teachers may have their own payment preferences, please check with them directly.

A block is valid for the specified length only, from the date of purchase.

If you are unable to use the block for medical reasons, then a doctor’s note/evidence must be produced before a refund is made or extension given.

This should be done before the block goes out of date.

Any refunds or extensions are at the teachers discretion.

Refunds are calculated at the full class price of £8.

Credit from an unused class cannot be carried over to another following course, but you can go to another class within the 6 weeks.

No refunds can be made otherwise (ie holidays or nonattendance)

If you have booked a place on a course and drop out, there will be no refunds if the course has begun and I cannot fill the space.

Phones are not permitted into class, unless there is an emergency. Please inform the teacher of this before class starts.

Shoes must be left outside in the hall and are not permitted into the studio.

Students should return all equipment at the end of class to its correct place in the storage area. Please inform the teacher of any damage or faulty props.

Students are required to arrive on time to the class so as not to disturb the relaxation at the start. If you do arrive late, please wait in the hall until the relaxation is over.

The gates and back door will be opened at the earliest 15 minutes before. If you arrive and the gates aren't open, please call 07749557757.  You may need to wait in your car until they are opened.  

After the class, please leave the car park promptly.

The max driving speed on the property is 5 mph. 

Please bring any rubbish home with you, and do not throw rubbish out into the garden or driveway.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.