Lough Road Yoga


Lough Road Yoga Terms and Conditions

Please read these before signing up for an online course or class at the studio. 


Inform the teacher of any injuries or conditions before class, or of any changes.

Female Students: If you think you may be pregnant, please inform the teacher.

All classes should be paid for up front, either for a block or pay as you go. I take bank transfer or paypal and I have an online booking system.  To book a class, please use one of these methods.

A block is valid for the specified length only, from the date of purchase.

If you are unable to use the block for medical reasons, then a doctor’s note/evidence must be produced before a refund is made or extension given.

This should be done before the block goes out of date.

Any refunds or extensions are at the teachers discretion.

Credit from an unused class cannot be carried over to another following course, as the recording is available.

No refunds can be made otherwise (ie holidays or nonattendance)

If you miss a class, the recording is available to do at home.  The class cannot be carried over to another class.

Please put your phones onto do not disturb during the class

Please respect the privacy of everyone in the group and do not take screenshots or photos without permission (online)

You can come into the sessions with your mic and video on or off, but make sure that you are able to see and hear me

Have your devices charged fully

If you are using your own props, do so with care.

A yoga mat is preferable, or a non slip surface, and it is best done without socks (unless they are socks with grips)

Please wear appropriate yoga gear

Clear a safe space for your practice, making sure to move anything that might obstruct your practice out of the way and to a safe distance

If you are burning candles or incense, keep them away from inflammable materials

Use your own judgement in the online class, only do what is right for your body, and come out of poses if you need to.

Please ask questions at the end of an online class, unless there is a technical issue

Covid-19 Procedures

As I am reopening the studio, I have spent a lot of time thinking it over and making decisions to make sure that I am doing everything properly. I have carried out a risk assessment and also taken an online course on Covid-19 awareness and my studio is low risk.  If the situation changes then we can switch to online classes again.  I ask all students to follow the procedures below for each class, and to use common sense and personal responsibility as well.  The class sizes are being kept small for the time being in line with government advice.  I have put a sign up on each entrance, but I haven't put in arrows or taped off areas as it is a home studio and I want to keep the space as an escape from the stresses of life at the minute.  The studio will be cleaned between classes (floor and high touch areas )and for the time being the soft props that are hard to clean won't be in use but we can use the metal chairs if needed as they are easy to clean.  I want to stress that this is a relaxed and safe space, and I would like to keep it that way. I would like the classes to be as normal as possible.  Let's try and create a space that is respectful and kind and welcoming.

If you have any symptoms or have been diagnosed with Covid-19, please don't come to class, you can do the class online if you feel up to it.

Inform your teacher if you develop symptoms anytime during the course and also if you have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed.

There are hand washing faciities with paper towels and hand sanitiser as well in the pool area bathroom and the kitchen. Feel free to bring your own if you prefer.

I have tissues in the studio as well.

For the time being you should bring your own mat, strap, cushion and blanket (whatever props you feel that you need).  

You will get a picture with the mat layout and which door to use.  The space that you select should be used for the whole course.  Make sure there is sufficient space between mats (1 Metre).

I am asking as well that everyone gives each other time to come in the entrance halls, take off coats and shoes etc so only 2 at a time.  

The same at the end of class, give each other time to leave and don't leave all at once. If anyone is in a hurry to leave, just tell us and you can leave first.

Windows can be opened during class for extra ventilation.

You can use the toilet during class.

I am not going to wear a mask, because I cannot teach with one on, but if you feel better wearing one you are perfeclty welcome to. I do feel that the studio is very low risk.  

If you have any issues, please inform the teacher before or after class, or feel free to text or email us.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.